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Please send me material / colour samples of the following door finger guards:

NOTE: Samples are designed to provide customers with actual colours and fabrication details - they are not full sized products.

Send me a colour sample of:

FingerKeeper (front)
FingerKeeper (rear)

Black, Brown, White, Red, Grey, Blue, Teak, Beech, Beige, Yellow, Cream [Cream only available for rear guard type]

... enter colours below or 'ALL' for all.

FingerKeeper (Wide version)

Fingerkeeper Commercial


Finger Keeper Protect


Finger Saver Elite (Front)

White Brown

Finger Saver - Budget Line


Finger Saver Elite (Rear)

Elite (Rear)


Clear Finger Guard.

Finger Keeper Protect


Finger Keeper Industrial (RP62)

Black White Brown

Finger Keeper Industrial Wide Version

FingerKeeper Industrial - EPDM Rubber


Fingerkeeper Industrial TPV

Black White Brown

Finger Keeper Industrial TPV Wide Version

Finger Keeper Industrial


Finger Guardian

Black, Brown, Blue, Grey, White colours.
Ash, Maple woodgrain effect.

... enter colours/finish below or 'ALL' for all.


[Required if you request samples to be mailed to you]

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